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Migrants stranded across county amid winter travel chaos

Roland Lizarondo
A pair of passengers conversing while waiting in line at the Southwest airlines kiosk in the San Diego International Airport on Monday, Dec. 26, 2022.

Dozens of migrants were left at bus stations across San Diego County on Friday by federal officials as extreme weather continues to impact travel and flight operations nationwide.

As migrants made their way through San Diego International Airport, canceled flights forced them to find local accommodations while waiting to sort out their travel itineraries.

The high volume of flight cancellations combined with a large number of asylum seekers in need of shelter meant that many outreach organizations could not respond to the increased demand for shelter services on short notice.


As a result, many migrants were dropped off at bus stations by Customs and Border Protection officials.

The San Diego Union Tribune reporter Kate Morrissey joined Midday Edition on Tuesday with more on the story.