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A century of SDSU football on display in new book

Courtesy Ernie Anderson
San Diego State football coach Claude Gilbert is being carried on the shoulder of his players after a victory against Florida State on November 19,1977.

The long and storied history of Aztec football is the subject of a new book from San Diego State anthropology professor Seth Mallios.

The long and storied history of San Diego State football is the focus of the new book, "100 Seasons of Aztec Football."

The 500-paged book features a treasure trove of images capturing the highs and lows of a century of play.

Seth Mallios, a professor of anthropology at San Diego State University and the book's author, will be at a book signing event at Warwick's bookstore in La Jolla at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.


"What I'm hoping for is that appreciation of where we've gotten to with San Diego State football. When you read through the years in the book, what you see is that many of our early opponents no longer play football," Mallios said. "It was not a foregone conclusion that we would get to 100 seasons, and we are very unique in that."