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Bloggers Share Thoughts on John Lennon's Anti-War Activism

John Lennon Imagine
John Lennon Imagine

The multitude of conversations about John Lennon on the blogosphere the last few days, largely the result of the fact that John would have turned 70 over the weekend, have been as much about his activism as his music - and how in fact they became increasingly intertwined during his post-Beatles days.

From the Officially a Yuppie blog, for example, Salvatore Bono writes about how John reinvented himself when he moved to New York City:

Maggie Griggin comments on her Venture Out blog about how much Senator Strom Thurmond despised Lennon and wanted to get him out of the country but how, after President Nixon resigned, President Gerald Ford dropped the deportation case against John.


And on his blog, author and historian Sean Wilentz writes about how many celebrities, including Bob Dylan, came to John's defense as he faced deportation from America because of his anti-war activity.