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20 Years Ago This Month: CNN's Gulf War Coverage Revolutionized TV News

CNN Covers Gulf War
CNN Covers Gulf War

I'll never forget - and I'm sure many of you won't either - CNN's dramatic coverage of the Gulf War, which began twenty years ago this month. Specifically memorable was the steadfast reporting of Peter Arnett and Bernard Shaw, who stayed behind after most other Western reporters left Baghdad and kept filing reports often while literally crouching beneath desks as bombs exploded around them.

A few years ago, Shaw, who retired in 2001, told CNN:

Bill Goodykoontz writes that CNN's coverage of the Gulf War 20 years ago put cable news on the map and became a watershed moment in the history of TV news and the so-called 24-hour news cycle. Jeff Fager, executive producer of "60 Minutes," concurs, telling Goodykoontz:


But Debra Caruso, a publicist at of DJC Communications in New York and former reporter, suggests that changes in television news coverage since then have not all been for the better. She tells GoodyKoontz: