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Breaking News: Two Dead After Shots Fired at Bus Carrying U.S. Troops

This story is just breaking, so bear with me. NBC news is reporting that a 21-year-old Kosovar shot at a bus in Frankfurt, Germany carrying United States servicemembers. Two American servicemembers are dead, and the person driving the bus may have also lost his or her life. It was originally reported that that the victims were in the Army, but now ABC News is reporting that the two servicemembers who died were in the Air Force:

The shooting took place at Frankfurt Airport. The region has several U.S. military bases, and those bases are "often used as a logistical hub for operations in Afghanistan or Iraq," as reported by the Associated Press. The English-language German paper The Local reports:

The Department of Defense hasn't made any official statement yet. I'll follow this story throughout the day and keep you posted on updates.