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San Diego-Based USS Ronald Reagan Headed to Japan for Earthquake Aid

The USS Ronald Reagan, which is part of the 3rd Fleet in San Diego, is en route to Japan, although it will take a couple of days to get there - reports the Associated Press. The Reagan, and the other Navy ships headed to help, can serve as floating hospitals and provide emergency care. The ships are also capable of providing thousands of gallons of clean water a day, and we all remember how difficult it was after the Haiti earthquake to get clean water to the victims there.

The United States military has a very strong presence in Japan. According to the Christian Science Monitor, we have roughly 38,000 troops stationed at the island nation, and those servicemembers' families add another 43,000 Americans to the mix. In addition, there are about 3,000 Department of Defense civilians in Japan. So far, the Pentagon says that all of these military personnel and their loved ones are alive and well. According to the Navy Times, there's been no significant damage to U.S. military ships and bases in Japan. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has released the following statement:

Home Post will continue to update you on the crisis in Japan.