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Sweet Revenge: Al Qaeda Gets a Taste of "Operation Cupcake"

It may be National Doughnut Day, but today cupcakes are stealing all the headlines. It seems the British intelligence agency MI6 did a little hacking recently on an al Qaeda website in a mission dubbed "Operation Cupcake," according to The Telegraph.

Al Qaeda had posted a 67-page, full-color magazine on its website to be used as a recruiting tool. Problem was, reports The Telegraph, when an al Qaeda fan tried to download instructions on bomb-making called (I'm not making this up) "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom," the foiled would-be bomber got a confusing code instead. What did the code say?

Brilliant, no? No word yet on how magazine publisher and one-time San Diego resident Anwar al-Awlaki reacted to the sugary subterfuge.

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