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VWF Raises Money for Iraq War Vet's Sick Son (Video)

Erik and Ronan Packard
MyFox9 / MyFox9
Erik and Ronan Packard

Iraq War veteran Erik Packard racked up piles of medical bills after his infant son Ronan underwent lifesaving emergency surgery seven months ago, according to television station MyFox9. Ronan was born with a hole in his diaphragm, and while the little guy is on the road to recovery, the Packard family is struggle under the weight of their financial burden.

Enter the Rosemount, Minnesota VFW. The group, along with Yellow Ribbon America, is helping the Packards pay their mortgage. The VFW has also organized a handful of fundraisers to help make a dent in the medical bill pile.

The MyFox9 affiliate posted this video feature about the difficult journey of the Packard family:


Fundraisers to Help Military Family Struggling with Medical Bills: