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Are Schools for Military Kids Falling Apart?

Mold. Leaking roofs. Electrical Fires. Overcrowding. Those are just a few of the problems discovered in schools for military children by a joint Newsweek and Center for Public Integrity investigation. According to the probe, almost three quarters of military base schools are in need of major repair or renovation, something that would cost the Pentagon an estimated $4 billion to do.

Today the Daily Beast reports a group of 12 senators from both parties has written a letter to new Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, urging him to do something about the problem. The letter reads, in part:

The investigation, of which the results were published last month, is already reaping benefits. According to the Daily Beast, the House of Representatives quashed a proposal to slash $250 million from the budget targeted for military base school repairs - right after the report came out.


So tell me, does your child attend a base school? What has your experience been visiting the school? Do you agree there's a problem with maintenance?