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Miramar Marine's Son Needs Transplant, Fundraiser Today

Media outlets and press releases describe 16-month-old old Liam Houck as appearing "cherubic." And honestly, if you take a look at the photo of him on the right, with his enormous blue eyes and dimpled smile, there's really no other way to characterize him. But despite his heavenly appearance, Liam is in need of some very earthly help.

According to the Children's Organ Transplant Association, Liam was born with End Stage Kidney Failure, and doctors say he needs a transplant to survive. 10News reports Liam's father Reid is a MCAS Miramar-based Marine. Liam's mom Terry left the Air Force to care for her ill son full-time.

The Children's Organ Transplant Association is holding a fundraiser today to help Liam's parents with the $50,000 it will cost them to get a new kidney for their son. The Point Loma frozen yogurt shop Cup of Yo will donate 20 percent of its proceeds to Liam.


Click here for directions to Cup of Yo.