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Family of Camp Pendleton Marine Killed by Friendly Fire Speaks Out

Lance Cpl. Benjamin Schmidt
Lance Cpl. Benjamin Schmidt

Camp Pendleton Marine Lance Cpl. Benjamin Schmidt, and several other servicemembers killed by friendly fire, are the focus of an investigative piece by the San Antonio Express News called "'Friendly fire' also can kill the truth."

Home Post reported last month that Schmidt's father, Dr. David Schmidt, said he found out his son may have been killed by American troops from a friend of his son's (also a Marine) and a reporter from the Wall Street Journal.

This greatly troubled Dr. Schmidt and his wife Becky Whetstone, who wondered why they did not find out how their son died from Marine officials. Whetstone told the Express News she later received an email from casualty affairs officer 1st Sgt. Scott Worth which read:


Lance Cpl. Schmidt was killed October 6 in Afghanistan. His parents told the Express-News:

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