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Military: Misunderstanding Led to Koran Burning

It was all a big misunderstanding. Afghan and U.S. military investigators have learned five American soldiers at Bagram Airfield misinterpreted an order when they removed Korans from a storage area and disposed of them in a burn pit last month, according to information obtained by CBS News.

The Washington Post reports the Korans had been confiscated from prisoners atParwan Detention Facility because the detainees had written extremist messages in the holy books. A military official told the Post:

Muslims consider the burning of a Koran an extreme desecration of the holy book. After Afghans learned of the Koran burning at Bagram Airfield in February, thousands have protested in a wave of Anti-Americanism. Some have called for public trials of the soldiers who burned the Korans. But an anonymous military officials told the Washington Post that not only would there be no public trial, but the five soldiers names would not be released, seemingly for their protection.