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Russian Orphan Finds Home in Marine Corps

Lance Cpl. Sergey Huber
Lance Cpl. Sergey Huber

Growing up in Russia, Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Sergey Huber had a rough childhood and knew he had to run away from his abusive father.

When he was 10, Huber and his brother ran to a Russian military base. They lived there under the care of soldiers until the base commander had them taken to an orphanage, where they lived for several years.

“When we were first taken to the orphanage, we were put into an isolation room with bars on the windows that we bent enough to slide out and run for it later that night,” said Huber, a squad automatic weapon gunner with 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment. “I was caught several hours later, and it took them days to catch my brother. Over the years, we kept trying to escape, but after a while we realized we had nowhere to go, so we just lived our life at the orphanage.”