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Pendleton Marine to run Marine Corps Marathon in honor of fallen

Sgt. Nancy A. Wright
Sgt. Nancy A. Wright

The 2012 Marine Corps Marathon has sold out the 30,000 available online entries in a little more than two and a half hours, becoming the fastest sellout in the history of marathon events. For one runner, enduring the 26.2-mile trial will be more than just a personal accomplishment.

This year's Marine Corps Marathon will be Sgt. Nancy A. Wright's 25th marathon since beginning her running career in 2005. After her first year of running, Wright decided to take her marathon career to the next level by dedicating each marathon to Marines and sailors killed in action from the Brookpark, Ohio-based 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment.

"It all started in August of 2005. I was stationed in Northern Italy and I normally called home once a week," said Wright, who is an air support net operator with Marine Air Support Squadron 3. "My mom asked me, 'did you know that we lost 13 Marines just the other day?’"


"Nancy has always had a deep respect for those in the military," said Wright's mother, Bonnie Wright-Trees. "When she heard that these Marines gave their lives for us to enjoy ours she knew that she could honor them by not allowing others to forget them."