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Daily Report: Taliban Suicide Bombers Threaten Marines, New Rules For F-22 Pilots, Reservists Can Now Respond To U.S. Disasters

U.S. Marines in Afghanistan
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Marines in Afghanistan

Marines face Taliban suicide bomb threat - The Marine Corps Times "The Taliban has turned to targeting coalition forces and Afghan government targets with suicide and other mobile bombs, putting U.S. troops on guard against a threat that can appear virtually anywhere."

New Law Authorizes Reservists to Respond to Homeland Disasters - American Forces Press Service "New authority in this year’s Defense Department authorization act allows the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps reserves to be called to duty in response to natural disasters or emergencies in the homeland, and also to be mobilized for extended periods to support theater security missions around the world."

Military Puts Limits on F-22 Over Oxygen Deprivation - The New York Times "Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta on Tuesday ordered immediate restrictions on flights of the F-22 fighter jet in the wake of a “60 Minutes” program that profiled two pilots who refused to fly the aircraft because of fears of oxygen deprivation in the cockpit."


$2M in stolen military property recovered - Associated Press "Military authorities have recovered about $1.8 million in stolen property as part of an ongoing investigation that so far involves almost 70 civilians and active-duty Marines and sailors."

Israel is building up its military might on the sea - Los Angeles Times "With the acquisition this month of a sixth German-made submarine, Israel is seeking to position itself as the region’s undisputed naval powerhouse."