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Grand Canyon Fall Kills Camp Pendleton Marine (Video)

Jeffery Klingsick
Jeffery Klingsick

A Camp Pendleton Marine fell to his death Tuesday at the Grand Canyon. Jeffery Klingsick, 20, was visiting the national park on his way home to Kansas, according to

The Associated Press reports Grand Canyon National Park rangers recovered the body of an unidentified man Tuesday 600 feet below the canyon's South Rim. A park visitor had reported seeing a man fall over the canyon's edge.

National Park Service officials are investigating the death, according to the A.P.


Jeffery Klingsick's Facebook page indicates he grew up in Derby, Kansas. He graduated from Derby High School in 2010, the same year he entered the Marine Corps, where he was an 0311 Infantry Rifleman. Klingsick saw combat in Afghanistan, according to his Twitter account.

One of Klingsick's final posts on Facebook read:

One last hope to rise and break away above the faded line.

Way beyond the ties that bind. This I know, the risk is worth the gain. It's worth the sacrifice. Way beyond the ties that bind.

Two more months until I come home. Almost there! :)
Klingsick was a metal guitarist, and competed in the 2010 Derby Battle of the Bands. Here's video posted on YouTube of Klingsick playing with his band Aegrisomnia:
Jeffery Klingsick Battle of the Bands 2010