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Air Force Combat Vet Bernard James Heads To The NBA (Video)


Air Force veteran Bernard James is headed to the NBA. James served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now he'll be based in Texas - playing ball for the Dallas Mavericks, according to the Pentagon Channel.

The 27-year-old James was in the Air Force for six years. He enlisted in the service at age 17, and left the Air Force as a staff sergeant, according to USA Today.

He later attended Florida State University, where he played basketball as a power forward.

USA Today quotes James as saying:

"I know how to be a professional, I'm disciplined and I'm going to work hard. I know how to be part of a team. I fill my role for the greater good of the group. I see the big picture.

"A lot of guys don't really have a grasp on that. They're only thinking about themselves and their game, rather than thinking about the big picture and the team. A lot of people are bred and trained from childhood to make it to this level, but I've had an entire life before this. Basketball came later on for me."
Later, indeed! James says he really didn't start playing basketball regularly until he joined the military.