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Marine Corps Jet Crashes In Imperial Valley

AV-8B Harrier
Nathan Rupert
AV-8B Harrier

The pilot of a Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier was able to safely eject from the jet before it crashed in the Imperial Valley Wednesday afternoon. A Marine Corps Air Station Yuma spokeswoman told the Associated Press the jet crashed roughly 15 miles northwest of the base at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

According to the A.P.:

The pilot was taken to Yuma Regional Medical Center for observation. His name wasn't released...

[H]e was a Marine Attack Training Squadron 203 pilot and the Harrier squadron was based out of MCAS Cherry Point, N.C., and was doing training operations in Yuma.
The A.P. reports Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is the busiest air station in the Corps.