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Pentagon Urging Flu Shots For Service Members, Family

Flu shots in Afghanistan

The Centers for Disease Control is recommending folks get their flu shots in early October, and the Pentagon is seconding the motion. Flu shots are mandatory for troops deployed to Afghanistan, and they're already getting vaccinated to protect the fighting force from illness.

According to the Department of Defense:

Getting the flu doesn't just mean a day off work for service members forward deployed, it could potentially risk the health of everyone you are deployed with.

For military families looking to get vaccinated in the San Diego area, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton is providing flu shots to all TRICARE beneficiaries starting October 1 and lasting until October 6. You must show your military ID card to get the shot.

Just a quick aside - I know there is controversy in some quarters about getting the flu vaccine. All I can say is the one year I did not get vaccinated I came down with H1N1, and was hospitalized for four days with terrible nausea, vomiting, and fever. I will never NOT get vaccinated again. Just my two cents...