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Quadruple Amputee Travis Mills Gets Hometown Welcome (Video)

Travis Mills Comes Home

Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, who lost all four limbs in Afghanistan, made it back to his home town of Vassar, Michigan for the first time since his accident.

Mills is one of only five quadruple amputees to survive the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. An IED blast on April 10 left Mills critically injured and clinging to life. But since then, he's made a remarkable recovery.

Last week, Mills served as Grand Marshal for his alma mater's homecoming parade. He told the gathered crowd that although he appreciated being called a hero, it was his family who deserved the recognition:

"I do appreciate that, but everything I was going through, my beautiful wife stood by my side the whole time, so I want to thank her really quick. Thank you for opening your arms and hearts to her, I mean she is an outsider, but we’ll let it slide. And then there’s my daughter Chloe, who is going to grow up with me and think I’m normal and you guys are all weird."

Yeah, Mills does have quite the sense of humor. To learn more about his visit home, check out the video I've posted up top, courtesy of NBC25.