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Genealogy Website Posts Military Burial Records has teamed up with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Archives and Records Administration to post more than 500,000 military burial records on its website.

According to, the records span from before the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War era.

Todd Godfrey of told Reuters:

"Every one of these records, except for the small portion the VA had already imaged, were all only available on paper and all in Washington D.C., so you would have had to go to that special National Archives building, know (the record) is there and ask for it. Then they'd spend the morning digging around for it and then bring it to you."

It's now possible to search for everyone from General George Custer to your grandfather - but it will cost you a small fee, according to the Associated Press. Understandable, as spent an estimated 3,000 hours sorting through and indexing the records for its website, at no cost to taxpayers.