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Military Funeral For Sitcom Star Four Months After Death

Sherman Helmsley and Pat Morita
George Weinstein
Sherman Helmsley and Pat Morita

"The Jeffersons" star Sherman Hemsley died almost four months ago, but he will finally be laid to rest with a military funeral on Friday.

A lawsuit filed by a man claiming to be Hemsley's half-brother postponed the late actor from getting the military funeral he desired - until now.

An attorney for Flora Enchinton Bernal, Hemsley's manager and beneficiary, told Fox News:

“My client is planning on a military funeral for Mr. Hemsley at Fort Bliss National Cemetery here in El Paso. Mr. Hemsley previously served in the United States Air Force and thus is eligible for a military funeral. At the present we are waiting for all of the final orders to be entered by the Court so the funeral plans can proceed.”

The Washington Post reports Hemsley's body has been in refrigerated storage at a Texas funeral home since his death in July from lung cancer.

Richard Thornton, Hemsley's half-brother, had asked a judge to invalidate Hemsley's will. Thornton wanted to bury his brother at a veteran's cemetery in Hemsley's hometown of Philadelphia, according to the Washington Post.