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Pentagon Valor Website Lacking, Says Rep. Hunter

Department of Defense Valor website
Department of Defense Valor website

The Pentagon created a database of military medal recipients in June. The Department of Defense has been adding names and awards since then, but it's not quick enough for Rep. Duncan Hunter, who represents parts of San Diego County.

Hunter wrote in a statement to U-T San Diego that the website,, doesn't have a complete list of names for many of the awards, like the Silver Star, the website claims to have posted:

“The department's awards list is intended to recognize and honor those whose actions are worthy of our military's highest valor awards. The fact that the website is not updated, even as awards are still being given … is a disservice to the men and women it's meant to honor."

Teaming up in the criticism of the Pentagon's valor website is Doug Sterner, who created his own database of military award recipients that is now part of "Hall of Valor".


Sterner told the U-T that he's counted 62 Army Silver Star awards missing from the Pentagon's website, many of whom are dead:

“Who is there to advocate for those who are deceased? They may be lost to history. It’s bad enough to miss any hero, but a hero who gave his life? It bugs me especially.”

When reached for comment by the U-T, a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense responded:

“As the awards are presented, the services review for website posting. Upon service submission and (Defense) Department review, the lists are then forwarded to appropriate personnel to update the website.”