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USS Vandegrift Returns To San Diego On Wednesday

USS Vandegrift
U.S. Navy
USS Vandegrift

The USS Vandegrift is scheduled to return to its homeport of San Diego on November 28, after a six month deployment at sea.

The deployment was notable, as Home Post reported earlier this month, because the Navy removed Vandegrift commanding officer Joseph E. Darlak from his post after a so-called "rowdy, booze-fueled" port visit to Vladivostok, Russia in September. Three other officers were also fired.

Despite the kerfuffle, the Vandegrift got a lot of work done on deployment, according to the Navy. The ship took part in Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training 2012 while on deployment to the Western Pacific. Other countries that participated in the yearly naval exercise included the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.


Vandegrift commanding officer Capt. H. Thomas Workman said of the deployment:

"The honor of commanding this outstanding crew and returning this proud warship to its homeport after a successful deployment is matched only by the respect deserved by our Sailors and their families. Their mutual dedication to our national objectives is unmatched and represents the cornerstone of Vandegrift's and our Navy's success."

The USS Vandegrift also conducted operations with the aircraft carrier USS George Washington during its deployment.