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Watch USS Enterprise Deactivation Ceremony Live (Video)

USS Enterprise - A history

The Navy will officially retire the USS Enterprise tomorrow after fifty years of service. The deactivation ceremony will take place in Norfolk, Virginia at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. You can watch it live by clicking on this link.

By the way, William Shatner will not be attending the ceremony, as was originally reported by the Virginian-Pilot. Interesting fact, though - there is a crew member on the USS Enterprise named James Kirk. He is not a captain, and there's no word if his middle name starts with a "T". But according to the Virginian-Pilot, he'll be at the ceremony. Take that, Shatner!


The U.S. Navy created a video piece on the history of the "Big E," for those of you curious about the background of the world's first nuclear aircraft carrier.