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Veterans IVF Coverage Bill Could Soon Be Kaput

In vitro fertilization and other types of assisted reproductive technology currently aren't covered by the VA for veterans with combat injuries which prevent them from naturally conceiving a baby. And legislation that would have changed this now looks like it won't make it out of Congress alive.

The Women Veterans And other Health Care Improvement Act of 2012 would've required the VA to cover reproductive treatment options like surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology methods like IVF for injured vets.

According to a summary of the bill:

The nature of the current conflict and increasing use of improvised explosive devices leaves service members far more susceptible to blast injuries including spinal cord injury and trauma to the reproductive and urinary tracts.

But according to the Military Times, if Congress doesn't act on the bill by January 3rd, it will die. Alas:

Legislation left hanging from a previous Congress dies when the new session begins.

More than 1,800 troops have suffered wounds in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that have made having a baby the old-fashioned way impossible without assistance.