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Military Brat And Olympian Ashley Wagner Tweets Valentine's Day Card For Fans

Ashley Wagner's Twitter Valentine
Ashley Wagner's Twitter Valentine

Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner, 22, is the daughter of a retired Army officer. She attributes her military upbringing with giving her the discipline to perform under pressure:

Growing up with the military broadened her horizons and exposed her to many different people, she explained, and some of those folks helped to sharpen her skating skills.

They also helped instill a competitive spirit, stamina and determination, especially after she moved nine times as a youth.
It's also apparently provided her with a self-effacing sense of humor, as is evident by the Valentine's Day card she created for her Twitter followers (posted up top).

The card is a riff on an Internet meme Wagner inadvertently sparked last Saturday after she expressed dismay at the judges' scores for her short program in the team figure skating competition.

Fortunately, we'll all have a chance to watch Wagner do what she does best (besides inspire internet memes) when she competes in the women’s figure skating singles event Feb. 19.