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Camp Pendleton Marines Give Lompoc Boy Special Birthday Surprise

Dezmin Rojas gets the birthday surprise of a lifetime.
Lauren McKinley
Dezmin Rojas gets the birthday surprise of a lifetime.

A group of Camp Pendleton Marines drove 235 miles to make the birthday wish of a 5-year-old Lompoc boy come true.

Sharena Rojas told the Lompoc Record her son Dezmin has always wanted to be a Marine. For his fifth birthday, Sharena posted on Facebook a request for a Marine to give Dezmin a shout-out via the Internet.

What Sharena didn't count on was how seriously her request would be taken. A Camp Pendleton Marine's mom saw Sharena's request, and told her son about it.


The Marine and three of his colleagues made the drive up to Lompoc from base last weekend to surprise Dezmin at his party.

Sharena said of her little boy's reaction:

“He was beyond excited. I didn't know if he was gonna cry or just freeze.

“(Dezmin) said it was the best thing that ever happened to him."
The Marines didn't come empty-handed, either. They brought a Marine-themed cake and dog tags personalized for Dezmin.

The Lompoc Record didn't identify the Marines. But if you know who they are, let them know they gave a little boy memories that will last a lifetime. A kindness like that just isn't forgotten.