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Good News For Marine Corps Spouses: Rolled Sleeves Are Back

Marines with rolled sleeves.
Marines Facebook page
Marines with rolled sleeves.

Marine Corps spouses had a hand in convincing Commandant James Amos to reverse a previous ruling and allow Marines to once again roll up their sleeves. Why all the fuss? As Bonnie Amos, first lady of the Marine Corps put it, "We miss our husbands' guns!"

Mrs. Amos explained on her Facebook page that Marine spouses had called for the change, and her husband responded.

Gen. Amos wrote on the official Marines Facebook page:

"I can't tell you how many times we have been asked the persistent question 'Commandant, are we ever going to return to SLEEVES UP?' I've thought a lot about this over the past 2.5 years; I realize that it's important to you. Sleeves up clearly and visually sets us apart.

Military Spouse magazine web editor and Marine Corps wife Erin Whitehead wrote up a blog post to explain exactly why spouses are thrilled the rolled sleeves are back:
"Rolled sleeves were just one of those little things that many Marine spouses, myself included, found really sexy. In fact, I hear rumors that many a Marine, after the order of sleeves down was official, would roll up those sleeves JUST for their spouse during private time. A kind of “Devil Dog foreplay” if you will. Don’t buy me flowers or try to wine and dine me… just roll up those sleeves, Marine."

Hubba, hubba! But the rolled sleeve will have to remain private until March 9, when, according to Stars and Stripes, "Marines make the seasonal switch to the tan desert camouflage."