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NCIS Involved In Erin Corwin Case; Search Warrants Info Revealed (Video)

Cpl. Jonathan Wayne Corwin and Erin Corwin
Cpl. Jonathan Wayne Corwin and Erin Corwin

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has confirmed its investigators are involved in the search for Erin Corwin.

The pregnant 20-year-old was last seen three weeks ago at her home on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms.

Spokesman Ed Buice told The Desert Sun that NCIS is helping the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department with their probe into Corwin's disappearance:

"We're assisting them as far as some of the more military aspects of the investigation. The military world is sometimes very confusing to non-military investigators. We help them connect the dots and find a way through the red tape."

As Home Post has previously reported, Marine Cpl. Jonathan Wayne Corwin told law enforcement officials he last saw his wife on June 28, before she left to drive to Joshua Tree National Park. He reported Erin missing the following day.

Meanwhile, San Diego television station CBS8 has learned new details about the search warrants executed by sheriff's deputies at the home Erin Corwin shared with her husband, and the apartment of Marine Corps veteran Corporal Christopher Lee and his wife Nichole:

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