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Marine Veteran First Paraplegic To Row From California To Hawaii (Video)

Marine veteran Angela Madsen, 54, became the first paraplegic to successfully row the epic 2,500 mile journey from California to Hawaii.

Madsen and her rowing partner, New Zealander Tara Remington, departed Long Beach on May 20 and arrived in Honolulu on July 19.

Madsen told Hawaii News Now after arriving at her destination:

"Basically that people shouldn't set limits on themselves and they should just challenge themselves and if they have a goal or something and they wanna achieve it, they should just go for it and work."

On her website Row of Life, Madsen writes that she became paralyzed in 1993, after surgery to repair an injury she suffered while in the Marine Corps.

But Madsen has made it a point to continue living her life to the fullest. She competed in the 2012 London Paralympic Games, winning a bronze medal in shot put.

Madsen's wife Debra said of Angela's world record accomplishment:

"I tell her all the time, she's the most amazing person I have ever met."