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Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan Bicycle Bomb Blast Were American

U.S. State Department

Several media sources have confirmed the two NATO service members who died Monday in Afghanistan were American.

The two U.S. soldiers were killed when a bomb attached to a bicycle exploded near their vehicle in Kabul.

A "Western security force" told Reuters the two troops who died were members of the U.S. Army.


Agence France Presse is also reporting the two soldiers killed were American:

One of the troops was a non-commissioned officer and the second was an enlisted soldier.

On Monday, NATO announced two of its service members were killed in an attack in Afghanistan, but did not reveal which country the fallen soldiers were from, as per NATO ISAF policy.

Kabul police told the Los Angeles Times:

[A] bomb placed on a bicycle exploded near a convoy of coalition military vehicles, resulting in casualties.

Reuters reports at least three Afghan civilians also lost their lives in the attack.