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New Mexico's Feb. 5 Voting Still Inconclusive

It will be awhile before the last of the Super Tuesday states declares a winner. New Mexico Democratic Party officials announced Thursday that they will recount every ballot. Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama in the state by about 1,000 votes.

Originally, New Mexico's Democratic Party had planned to count 17,000 provisional ballots, largely ballots cast by voters whose eligibility was in question or who came to the wrong polling place.

But the Democrat-only contest was plagued by so many problems that the state party, along with the Clinton and Obama campaigns, agreed that only checking all ballots cast would insure an accurate result.


New Mexico apportions its delegates, so Obama and Clinton will each end up with a share of the 26 delegates at stake. And with the national race so close, each delegate counts.

There is no prediction of when the recount will be completed.

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