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Delayed Justice at the DOJ?

How do you turn a dream job opportunity into a shame-fest of lawless impropriety and highly publicized congressional hearings? & For a clue on living that nightmare, just ask Monica Goodling, the disgraced aide to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' whose political cronyism may lead to having her law license pulled.

Way to go, Monica. & Now your namesake is twice associated with presidential disrepute.

To get a glimpse on this particular road to ruin, first, graduate from a lower-tiered law school known predominantly for its religious affiliations to the televangelist Pat Robertson and its emphasis on educating law students to " change the world for Christ ." Next, get hired after only six months of prosecutorial experience to oversee the ongoing hiring of career prosecutors in the Department of Justice. & And finally, do a bang-up job of highlighting political affiliation over experience during interviews that would include legally relevant questions like " Have you ever cheated on your wife? "


Amidst televised Congressional hearings into the questionable ouster of nine U.S. Attorneys , then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales omitted why he promoted someone to the position of White House liaison, while testifying he had limited knowledge of the practices taking place under his watch. & Goodling resigned last year before testifying under immunity.