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Is The Circus In Town?

First semi-conscious reaction to this morning's big news : McCain's chosen a Monty Python alum as his running mate?

Slightly more caffeinated reaction: McCain's chosen who as his running mate? &

Sarah Palin? OK, according to her entry at Wikipedia, apparently she has some very strong reformer credentials, and has a history of bucking the Republican establishment. & I can see both elements attracting the attention of the McCain campaign.


But doesn't her selection cripple the McCain argument that Obama's lack of experience should preclude him from being elected President? & She has no national political & experience, and has only been in statewide office since her election as governor of Alaska in 2006. & I think the pendulum on experience may have swung back to a position where the Obama campaign can use that 3 a.m. phone call advertisement that & Clinton used against Obama during & the primaries. &

I'm still looking to learn more about Mrs. Palin, but I have to be honest in thinking that my first reaction is that the nomination offers nothing substantive toward governance of the country, but is simply a brazen appeal to those demographics still upset the Hillary Clinton isn't on the Democratic Party ticket in some role.