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Governor Signs $11 Billion Water Bond

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed an $11 billion bond measure to improve California’s aging water network.

But, voters have to approve it on next November’s ballot before construction can begin. Republican State Senator Dave Cogdill joined the governor at the bill signing ceremony near Fresno Monday. Cogdill acknowledges that getting the bond passed won’t be easy. He said there’s strong opposition from some lawmakers and environmentalists who’ll campaign against it.

“The only way we are going to overcome those things is to continue to move forward and take vision to the people and ask for their support," said Cogdill. "Hopefully, they’ll see it a year from now in November and support this bond package and put this state on the path to providing water that we’ll need for the 50 million people we know will be living here.”

Lawmakers approved the bond as part of an historic water package last week. One of the main projects is to improve water storage and delivery statewide. Also included is the creation of a new, independent council to manage the delta and a water conservation program.