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San Diego Politicians Assail Raid Of Redevelopment Funds

Elected officials in San Diego County are not happy with a California law that's forcing them to turn millions of dollars in redevelopment funds over to the state.

San Diego County redevelopment agencies say they must transfer a total of $165 million to pay for state programs.

That money would have funded construction projects and infrastructure improvement in blighted neighborhoods. But last week, a superior court judge upheld the the law that shifts the money from local to state coffers.


National City Mayor Ron Morrison lambasted the law. He said dollars spent on redevelopment return many more dollars in economic growth and community improvement.

"This is in effect stealing from the future so that we can put a temporary band aid on a gushing wound that is nothing more than red ink bleeding out of the state budget," said Morrison.

The mayor added that today he sent a check for $5.2 million to the state to comply with the law. The ruling that upheld the law is now on appeal.

Spokesman for Governor Schwarzenegger said the money is funding education, which is a very high priority.