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San Diego Council Weighs In On City Budget

San Diego Council Weighs In On City Budget
The day of budget reckoning is drawing near in San Diego. The city council wants to make sure its voice is heard when it comes to deciding what gets cut and what doesn’t.

Members of the council want to play a bigger role in the creation of the budget, which is typically put together by the mayor.

The council on Tuesday ordered city staff to look into a variety of ways San Diego may save money. They range from eliminating cell phones for non-emergency employees to selling or leasing under used city property.

Councilman Todd Gloria said the list is a step in the right direction.

“I don’t necessarily support all the things that are on here,” he said. “But I think in the interest of good will that we’re trying to create here, we’re all putting ourselves out there. We’re all putting up ideas that we may not like but it’s in the best interest of the city.”

Gloria said the city could save between about $37 million and $60 million if all the options were implemented. He said any money that is saved should go toward putting all city fire engines back into service, preserving other public safety services and limiting cuts to parks, libraries and rec centers.

The council will vote on a final list of option in mid-April when the mayor presents his budget plan. San Diego is facing a $57 million deficit.