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California Governor and Lawmakers Will Get 5-percent Pay Cut

California Governor Jerry Brown, legislators and statewide office holders will have their pay cut by five percent. The seven-member independent California Citizens Compensation Commission Thursday voted five-to-one for the salary reductions.

Commissioner John Sites voted for the action in response to the Governor's proposal to cut five percent of compensation to state workers. He added the legislature and statewide office holders should have voluntarily asked for a pay reduction.

"Five percent, as I read in a couple of newspaper articles, it's really not a big jump in the pot, but it's a jump and that's what leadership is, have the guts to do it," said Sites.


Governor Brown currently receives a salary of about 174-thousand dollars, legislators receive about 95-thousand.

The lone vote against the pay cut came from Commissioner Ruth Lopez Novodor who said the Commission shouldn't make any decision until a budget is final.