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New Mexico Govenor Won't Give Up Undocumented License Fight


New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is still advocating the repeal of a state law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a New Mexico driver’s license. After the election losses of potential key allies, critics were curious if her stance would change. It hasn’t. Her press secretary Scott Darnell, told the El Paso Times the elections actually reflected voters' desires to repeal the bill.

"Voters defeated the lead opponent of the driver's license repeal -- longtime Senate President Tim Jennings -- along with Sen. (Mary Jane) Garcia, who is another member of Senate Democratic leadership and an ardent opponent of repealing the law," Darnell said. "That's in addition to the defeat of the former head of the trial lawyers association, (Sen. Lisa Curtis) who also opposed the repeal, and of Rep. (Ray) Begaye in the House of Representatives."

In the past two legislative sessions, Martinez sought, unsuccessfully, to repeal the driver's license measure. But she hoped the election might be able to win allies. Needing only three Republican seats to control the State house, conservative political action committees with ties to Martinez raised record amounts of money for the election.


Democrats ended up maintaining control of the house. And, Senate Majority leader Michael Sanchez, accused of blocking Governor Susana Martinez's legislative agenda, won 55 percent of the vote against his Republican challenger David Chavez.