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Obama Addresses Four Points Of Immigration Reform

President Obama On Immigration Reform
President Barack Obama's response to a question on immigration reform during a press conference on Nov. 14, 2012.

President Barack Obama's press conference Wednesday gave insight into how his administration might approach immigration reform in the next four years. A Telemundo journalist asked about comprehensive immigration reform, and Obama broke it down into four points. For each point we highlight what Obama said and what's happening now.

Border security

Obama: “It should include a continuation of the strong border security measures we’ve taken.”

What’s happening now?

Border Patrol shootings on the rise

The Department of Homeland Security examining the patrol’s use of force policies

Apply strict penalties to companies who hire undocumented workers

Obama: “It should contain serious penalties for companies that are purposely hiring undocumented workers and taking advantage of them.”

What’s happening now?

San Diego restaurant owner fined $400,000 for employing undocumented workers

California and Federal government disagree about E-Verify

Pathway to legal immigration

Obama: “There should be a pathway for legal status for those who are living in this country, are not engaged in criminal activity and are here simply to work. It’s important for them to pay back taxes, important for them to learn English, important for them to potentially pay a fine. But to give them the avenue whereby they can resolve their legal status.”

What’s happening now?

As the economy improves, illegal migration to the U.S. from Mexico increases

ICE changes its ‘secure communities’ deportation policy, undocumented immigrants arrested for minor traffic violations may not be immediately flagged for deportation.

Making DACA Law

Obama: “Young people who are brought here through no fault of their own. Who have gone to school here, pledged allegiance to our flag, want to serve in our military, want to go to school and contribute to our society that they shouldn’t be under the cloud of deportation. ”

What’s happening now?

During the debates, Romney said that we would not extend Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals (DACA), going as far to say, "I will not grant amnesty to those who have come here illegally."

DREAMers who were eligible for DACA are cautious to sign up in fear of what would happen if the act was not passed into law.