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Latina Takes A Top Post At San Diego ACLU

Norma Chavez-Peterson, the ACLU's associate director.
Norma Chavez-Peterson, the ACLU's associate director.

The San Diego ACLU has elevated a Latina to a top post, signaling the organization’s growing emphasis on Latino civil rights.

As the ACLU’s organizing director, Norma Chavez-Peterson most recently led its effort to register Latino voters in Escondido.

Today the organization said she’ll become associate director. Given the shifting demographics and growing power of the Latino community, the ACLU said in a statement, the appointment “dovetails perfectly with the San Diego ACLU’s increased focus on empowering Latinos.”


In her new role, Chavez will set the ACLU’s local policy priorities and says she’ll focus on Latino political empowerment, equal access to education for Latinos and immigrant rights.

“I think we all saw this November 6 that it’s a new day in America in terms of Latinos in the electoral process and I’m excited of helping to lead ACLU’s efforts to continue to invest and build the Latino community’s power,” she said.