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California Elected Officials To Get Pay Raise

California Elected Officials To Get Pay Raise
The salaries of California's state lawmakers and constitutional officers weren’t exempt from years of state budget cuts. But some of those cuts were restored today when a state commission voted to give lawmakers a pay raise.

California lawmakers and constitutional officers will be getting a pay raise later this year after seeing their salaries cut during the recession. The state's Citizens Compensation Committee voted Wednesday to give lawmakers a five percent salary increase. The commission had previously cut elected officials' pay by nearly 25 percent over the last four years.

"Due to term limits, legislative service is a career interrupter for strong candidates. And if you don't have an attractive and competitive salary we lose many capable candidates," said former State Senator Gary Hart, who testified at the meeting in favor of a raise.

California legislators are among the highest paid in the country. They earn a base salary of more than $90,000, with an extra 25-to-30-thousand dollars in per diem expense income. The Governor currently makes more than $165,000 - down from $212,000 before the recession.


The pay increase goes into effect in December. It does not impact the state's General Fund.