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Bike Program Shows City Employees Carrying On Despite Mayoral Troubles, Councilmembers Say

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - The development of a bicycle rental program shows how city of San Diego employees are continuing to work hard despite the troubles surrounding Mayor Bob Filner, three members of the City Council said Thursday.

The coordinators of the program have set up a website at to take public input on where to place bicycle racks around the city.

Program members can take a bike out for a spin and return it to a rack later. Others can pay a small fee to take a ride.


The program wouldn't have progressed to this stage without the work of city staff, Councilman David Alvarez said at a news conference.

"They're working on things every day,'' Alvarez said of city employees.

"Something new will come, and as they do, council will move things forward.''

According to multiple reports, Filner is expected to resign tomorrow, almost nine months after taking office, amid accusations of sexual harassment and allegations of misuse of city-issued credit cards and shakedowns of developers.

Interim Chief Operating Officer Walt Ekard has released two videos since the beginning of the scandals, encouraging employees to continue working hard. Only a small fraction of municipal workers are based at City Hall.


Councilman Kevin Faulconer, the ranking Republican on the technically nonpartisan body, said the nine members of the panel have united "during this very difficult time.''

He said a proposed way of trying to retain officers in the San Diego Police Department will be presented at a special City Council meeting next week.

Council President Todd Gloria, who stands to become interim mayor if Filner resigns, said the bike program will keep San Diego "on the competitive edge and prove that San Diego is a city worth investing in.''