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Gift Ban Proposed For California Lawmakers


Citing the need to restore public trust in the California legislature, Senate Democrats Thursday announced new legislation meant to reduce the influence of lobbyists at the Capitol.

With one Senator convicted of felony voter fraud and perjury, and another under indictment for allegedly accepting and soliciting $100,000 in bribes, Senate Democrats felt they had to do something to win back the public’s trust. The result was a package of three proposed bills that would lower gift limits, require more reporting from lawmakers and ban fundraising events at the homes of lobbyists.

Sen. Kevin de Leon, (D-Los Angeles), says the legislation would also ban certain gifts to lawmakers.


“All gifts, let me underscore, emphasize and highlight, all gifts will be banned from lobbyists," he says. "It would zero out indefensible gifts such as tickets to professional sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, golf, spa and other recreational trips.”

All of the practices the legislation seeks to address are currently legal. But Democratic leaders say, in the wake of the recent scandals, the time is right to make some changes.