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San Diego County Will Roll Out Laura's Law

San Diego County Will Roll Out Laura's Law
A measure that allows a judge to order someone to undergo outpatient mental health treatment is coming to San Diego County next year.

It's full speed ahead for Laura's Law.

San Diego County Supervisors have approved a roll out of the measure, which allows a court to order outpatient mental health care for someone who has refused treatment. It does not permit the court to force someone to take medication.

The law is designed to prevent someone with a severe mental illness from becoming a danger to themselves or others. The person must meet nine specific criteria to be subject to the law, including a history of non-compliance with treatment.

Supervisor Dave Roberts said Laura’s Law is not a panacea.

"This option might not be the right option for every family, but I believe it’s the right step forward," Roberts said. "It’s one more tool for our mental health toolkit here in San Diego County."

Laura's Law was passed in California in 2002. It requires each county to approve its own program. Nevada County became the first to to so in 2008.

Orange County became the first large county to approve Laura's Law in 2014.

San Diego County plans to roll out the measure in 2016.