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Controversial Target Store Opens In Historic San Diego Neighborhood

Controversial Target Store Opens In Historic San Diego Neighborhood
Controversial Target Store Opens In Historic San Diego Neighborhood
Target has opened a small store in South Park, but neighbors and business owners are cautious.

A new Target store is now open in the heart of one San Diego’s most tightly knit communities — South Park. Neighbors and business owners say at first they were resistant to the corporate store, but now they are cautiously optimistic.

Mark Chavez owns So Childish, about a block from the new Target. Chavez said business owners and neighbors reacted poorly when they heard the discount retailer was opening.

“At first there was a lot of negativity, but now that things have calmed down a little bit, I’d say most of the businesses are OK with Target,” Chavez said.

Judy Forman owns The Big Kitchen and she’s been living and working in South Park for more than 35 years. Forman said she never thought Target could be kept out of South Park.

“A lot of neighbors thought we could stop them. I knew we couldn’t stop them,” Forman said.

However, with dialogue, Target could become a part of the community, Forman said.

“I thought what we could do was let them know what we need as a community, and if they could provide that for us, then maybe we could work together,” Forman said.

The new store’s manager Robert Farrington said listening to the neighbors and business owners is just what Target did.

“For us, I think it was really important to educate the community about what we were going to do, and make sure that we did what we said we were going to do,” Farrington said.

The new store has organic produce, a pharmacy, electronics, clothes, local craft beer and a sporting goods section.

Forman said the neighbors and business owners are hoping the new store lives up to its word because South Park is watching.

“Their Target sign can easily be turned into a peace sign and they’ve heard of boycotts, but they’ve never heard of a 'girlcotts,'” Forman said.

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