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Roundtable: Convention Center Plan Sidetracked

The San Diego Convention Center is seen in the background in this photo taken March 4, 2018.
Milan Kovacevic
The San Diego Convention Center is seen in the background in this photo taken March 4, 2018.
Roundtable: Convention Center Plan Sidetracked
Roundtable: Convention Center Plan Sidetracked PANEL: Megan Burks, reporter, KPBS News Matthew T. Hall, editorial and opinion director, The San Diego Union-Tribune Jade Hindmon, reporter, KPBS News Lori Weisberg, reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune

City Council Takes On Convention Center Expansion

The San Diego city clerk’s office announced this week that signatures for a citizens’ initiative to expand the convention center need further review. As a result, supporters will not meet a deadline to be placed on the November ballot. Mayor Kevin Faulconer reacted by calling for the city to place its own initiative on the ballot, which would require a more difficult two-thirds threshold for passage. Late Thursday, the San Diego City Council turned down Faulconer's request.

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Family Deportations On Hold, Students Warned Of Visa Risk

Local universities are warning international students and staff that there are now steeper penalties for those who overstay visas, including deportation. This is the latest in a series of moves by the Trump administration on immigration-related issues. Also this week, a federal judge in San Diego refused to drop a temporary restraining order that effectively keeps families together as they decide whether to go through the asylum seeking process.

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The Politics Of Wildfire Response

California’s wildfires escalated this week. The Mendocino Complex in Northern California is now the second fire in less than a year to become the largest in state history. It’s one of many serious fires burning across the state. The issue became political this week when President Trump used it as an opportunity to criticize Governor Jerry Brown over the state’s water management policy.

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