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La Jolla Beachgoers Urged To Watch Out For Stingrays


La Jolla-area beachgoers would be wise to watch out for stingrays today, a day after a whopping 41 people were stung by the bottom-dwellers.

The majority of those stung on Wednesday were at La Jolla Shores, according to San Diego lifeguards.

Stingray injuries are common this time of year, especially in the La Jolla area, but Wednesday's tally was higher than usual, lifeguard Lt. John Everhart told U-T San Diego.

At least one stung beachgoer was taken to a hospital for a non-life threatening injury, he said. Others were treated in a makeshift triage area set up on the beach.

A stingray sting is painful, temporary and generally not life- threatening. Lifeguards treated the injured on Wednesday by having them soak their stung limbs in buckets filled with hot water.

Everhart said shuffling one's feet on the bottom of the ocean floor can be a deterrent. By shuffling one's feet, a person avoids stepping on a stingray's barbs and also potentially scares a stingray off.

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