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San Diego Airport Reveals Some Finishing Touches On Big-Budget Makeover

San Diego Airport Reveals Some Finishing Touches On Big Budget Makeover
San Diego Airport Reveals Some Finishing Touches On Big-Budget Makeover
San Diego International Airport is putting the finishing touches on a major makeover — the largest project in Lindbergh Field's 80-year history.

With the snip of a giant pair of golden scissors San Diego International AIrport opened its first ever spa at Lindbergh Field. Passengers can now get a massage or a mani-pedi to ease the tension of travel.


Thella Bowens, president and CEO of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority said the spa was a very popular request.

"We spent a lot of time doing surveys, talking to our customers about what they wanted and things like," she said. "The spa experience is one of the things we kept hearing about."

Bowen said the airport has had the same concession stands for 25 years and that it was time for some sprucing up.

During the next few months, passengers at terminal two will have access to a Sharper Image store full of gadgets, a store for music accessories and headphones and a taste of Old Town San Diego featuring a market with plenty of tourist items to take home.

"There will be 87 stores in the airport once all the program is completed," Bowens said.


That includes a new food court featuring the San Diego-based company Jack in the Box, as well as Panda Express and California Pizza Kitchen. The airport also added 10 new gates to reduce passenger waits and enhanced curbside check-in.

With nearly 17 million passengers each year and growing, Lindbergh Field is finally starting to look more like an international airport.

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